The MS Fight Back Food Guide

After being diagnosed with MS and finally accepting this fact, one of the first things I done was changed my diet, I went from either eating out, getting takeaways or shoving a processed meal in the oven to quite a strict diet. I done lots of research and asked lots of questions to get an understanding what food was best and most beneficial for me. I have never been good at cooking and am lazy when it came to cooking and preparing food but that has totally changed since I started my fight back and now I spend most of my time at home in the kitchen and actually like cooking now, so much so I do take quite a lot of photos of my end products which all my friends and family love seeing, well they don’t but I’m so chuffed with myself in what healthy meal I’ve prepared I feel like I need to share this experience with them😁. What I done to help me was to make a guide on what to eat, and what are the benefits they bring, this isn’t a fully comprehensive guide as I’m adding to this regularly but what it done for me was researching, learning and understanding and giving me drive to continue to do the best I can for myself and my fight back.


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