Well I’m returning to work next week having been off for 7 months where I’ve managed to come to terms with being diagnosed with MS with the help of counselling, friends and family, I’ve got my diet and knowledge of foods which will help in my fightback, I am on an anti-inflammatory diet so I eat as much anti-inflammatory food as I can every day. I am going back to work on a phased return to get me back in the swing of things, I’m now on the high dose of medication and all the side effects have come and hopefully now settled so I’m all ready to go, well I hope I am, the thing that I have read on so many sites and forums is that stress can have a major factor in my wellbeing especially if you have MS, but as you can imagine stress is all around us especially at work. I have been working on managing my stress management as I know being off work all that time and going back into a stressful position this is going to have an impact on me so if I am prepared and aware I should have a better chance of controlling this factor but anyone who has MS knows this is easier said than done, with this diagnosis comes a whole future of uncertainty with every day you could have different symptoms or experiences but what I have learnt over the past few months is I am not in charge of my body anymore, I can’t change or repair what damage has been done, but what I can do is help my body be the best it can in prevention of my MS getting worse or preventing a relapse. Since I have been off work with this looming over me I have literally spent hundreds of pounds on all different types of food, books, supplements, CBD products. When you have a situation like this you will literally do anything and try anything to cure or help the situation you are suddenly put in. It has literally taken me 10 months to get to the stage I am at now and I do look back and think I wish I hadn’t spent all that money but at the time it’s all I had and I had to do something.
My main focusses are looking after my brain and spine as these are the two main areas with MS, I would say “oh you have to be positive with positive thoughts” which I am, but not everybody with MS can achieve this through different factors of symptoms and stages of MS but it can be achieved to give you the best chance on keeping the brain healthy. My TV is probably the most unused appliance in my house, I listen to music and inspirational video’s on YouTube in the evening and the radio during the day, which has been proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and I even turn the radio off when the news is about to come on due to there’s no such thing as good news anymore, at night time for 15 minutes before bed I listen to an inspirational video then relaxing sleep music and where I was a few months ago this has helped me out massively through what I have learnt about Manifestation and the sub-conscious. You are probably thinking by now this blokes had too much time off but going back to a previous blog when I explained my optic neuritis got worse a few days after I went to see my MS nurse about my DMD (disease modifying drugs) and the side effects she literally told me my eye had got worse because of all the information about drugs, side effects had been sub-consciously taken in and affected my body and in particular my optic nerve which led to my sight being affected, which led me to have a good read up on this and come to the conclusion if I have been told something negative and has had a negative effect in myself why not try to listen to positive and inspirational material to see if that gives me a positive effect, which, it has and I will be continuing. The spine is another area of great importance with people with MS so I have had a focus on this as well through the simplest things like maintain good posture, sitting up in chairs, not crossing your legs, keeping your feet flat on the floor when sitting, walking tall with your arms swinging, it all helps, I also see a masseur on a fortnightly basis who specialises in deep tissue massage who does a fantastic job and my back has never felt better and she even has looked up MS so she has a good understanding of what I have and the best way to help me.
I do exercise, I’ve even have my running machine in my lounge to prevent me looking out the window and thinking I’ll give that a miss today as its raining or looks to cold, for anyone living in England you’ll understand that lol but I don’t run like Mo Farah I just do 30 minutes a day at 10 minute intervals with a break in between, yes there is a lot of people with MS that do long runs and marathons but this is enough for me and is important to me as it puts me in the frame of mind that I’m actually doing something, may not be a lot but it’s something. I know the drugs I am on won’t cure my MS, I know listening to inspirational music won’t cure my MS, I know my anti-inflammatory diet or massage won’t cure my MS but with all this together may prevent my condition from worsening but the main thing for me if anything does happen to me in the future I can look back and think to myself “I have given it a good go” which is better then looking back and thinking “I wish I had given that a go”


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